• Why Timing is Everything

    A key issue we regularly observe in sales and marketing teams is a distinct lack of alignment when it comes to what each team is expecting to gain from a lead generation campaign. A silo approach, whereby marketing are tasked to find leads in volume, but sales feel that the quality of leads is poor, will result in a breakdown of the sales cycle. This in turn affects the value of pipeline delivered for the campaign.

    They say that timing is everything, and in sales and marketing we know this to be true. The ‘marketing versus sales’ method of lead generation means marketing simply generate the volume of leads required and hand them to the sales team to close. In this scenario most leads will end up in the bin! There are many ways to avoid this (see our ‘Become a Lead Generation Champion’ paper), but a critical element is an effective nurturing strategy.

    Nurturing is about accelerating the buying process through multiple, high quality touch points with the prospect. Put another way, it’s about working leads until they are ‘sales ready’ so that they create excitement and demand with the sales team, not apathy. Extra time is taken to build the relationship and understand the prospects needs. By building trust and then implementing an effective lead handover to the sales team at the right time, the prospect feels that you understand their pain and their business need and they are more likely to buy into the sale. So it should drive better win rates!

    With an effective nurturing strategy your Expense to Pipeline and Expense to Revenue ratios will improve over time, as should your market reputation!
    To read on about ‘The Role of Nurturing in Sales & Marketing’, download our free white paper here.
    Alternatively, to speak to a member of the EIMS team about a specific challenge or requirement, give us a call on +441202 555533.

    Cleo Watson is the Marketing Executive for EIMS.  To view all company blogs go to EIMS’ blog site.

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