• Patch Management Can Save Your Company Money

    Although it is easy to be enticed into purchasing traditional software solutions to help manage each administered computer system in an organization, this methodology often results in a huge outlay in time and money. The complexity of conducting this type of approach to systems management can be overwhelming and time consuming.

    Many organizations are finding that it makes more sense to free up their IT personnel to do other things. This is why patch management software with the ability to automate patch management tasks has become the protocol of choice for so many organizations. Software updates  and distribution can be scheduled for when employees are away from their desk eliminating the need to stop work during the day to update a program. If you are interested in Software Distribution click here.

    Patch management solutions are relatively inexpensive

    There are now patch management solutions that provide reliable and comprehensive patching that are reasonably priced and very user friendly.  An effective patch management system can effortlessly acquire, test and install multiple code changes (patches) to an administered computer system. These systems usually oversee and execute the following tasks:

    ●      Maintaining a current, accurate knowledge base of available patches

    ●      Determining which patches are appropriate for a given system

    ●      Ensuring that the appropriate patches are installed properly

    ●      Testing the systems after installation,

    ●      Documenting all of the associated procedures

    Major threats to the computer systems and the bottom-line

    There are three common types of threats that can potentially have a devastating impact on an organization that does not employ have a good patch management protocol. They are; malware and viruses, denial-of-service attacks and Data leakage. The time and cost of dealing with these threats can be substantial.

    Preventing unwanted costs associated with malware and viruses

    Both the individual endpoints as well as the entire network may be seriously infected with viruses and malware. They typically invade the system via instant messaging, websites and email attachments. Currently, one of the most common kinds of viruses and malware are worms. Worms are self replicating and they have a tendency to spread quickly to other computers without user interaction. Patch management can prevent these issues and save money that would otherwise be spent dealing with them.

    Eliminating denial-of-service attacks

    These types of attacks result in making a machine or network resource unavailable to the appropriate, intended users. Perpetrators of DoS attacks often target sites hosted on high profile servers such as credit card payment system gateways and banks. The expense in dealing with these types of attacks can be formidable and well worth the cost of a good patch management solution.

    Avoiding the cost of data leakage

    Data leakage can take place when a security breach results in critical and sensitive company information gets into the hands of hackers or even a rogue member of the staff. The potential cost to the company when this happens depends on how the data is used. It can be very substantial and the cost of a good web patch solution can pay for itself a hundred times over.

    Patch management can save a lot of money

    Security gaps that can render your network vulnerable and lead to large amounts of downtime need to be neutralized with frequent patching. A good patch management protocol needs to be implemented to help fight against the threat of data leakage, DoS attacks, malware and viruses. Patch management solutions can free up the company IT professionals by enabling them to schedule patches eliminating late night phone calls to fix simple problems.  Learn more about Patch Management here.

    Watch “Boss Calls at 3 am” video here.

    David Malmborg works with Dell KACE. He is interested in all things related to IT. He also loves anything about software compliance like this. Want to learn more about choosing the right IT Management System click here. Outside of work he enjoys reading, hiking and writing about technology.

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