• Did You Make A Resolution That Will Help Your Inside Sales Success?

    Bloggers spent a lot of time over the past 6 weeks discussing morale, attitude and approaches to being successful over the Holidays. I’ve read a lot of interesting takes on working efficiently during the Holidays and now that we survived the Holidays, there is a new topic to discuss: Resolutions!

    Ahhh Resolutions. I’m sure your friends and family have sworn off chocolate, soda, purchased gym memberships, quit smoking, and are ready to take on the world. We all enter the year with a fresh outlook on life and fall into the habit of thinking extreme changes are the most effective. Don’t get me wrong, all of these resolutions are great… but how long will they last? I think everything in moderation is a more practical approach.

    Why not cut back on your habits and work towards a routine you can keep for the year? The same goes for business. In the business of sales prospecting, you can’t have a resolution of making 250 dials and chaining yourself to your cube, because you will burn out. What you can do is set strategic goals to make the most of your dials and have more success month to month.

    We all have a plan for the year. Whether it’s a compensation plan, career path plan or a set of achievements you want to reach, it is being developed this month. As a BDR, a constant in having success this year is passing great leads. Mark Hunter, Sales Speaker and Motivator claims that “top-performing salespeople know the secret to getting better prospecting leads is by approaching each day with the attitude that they’re going to be successful.”  He states this in his 5 Secrets to Get Better Prospect Leads. I think that self motivation is a great resolution because it’s a proactive plan to be successful the whole year. Mark outlines a plan for being successful:

    • Keeping a close eye on your audience’s competitors. This can lead to more active projects if you are persistent enough. According to Mark, “The reason these are great prospects is simple. They’re already sold on what it is you’re selling; the only problem is they’re buying it from someone else. Engage with these people frequently, so that when the other guy fails to deliver, you will be there ready to help”’
    • Connect with the most appropriate people in the vertical/industry you are dialing into. Don’t make empty dials with the wrong prospects. Mark states that “An additional benefit of prospecting with people who are active in their industry is these people talk to others.  By developing a relationship with them, you can many times wind up creating additional prospecting leads”
    • Remain proactive with your client and your management. If you have some ideas on who your client should be targeting, voice them.  As Mark says, “Never waste an opportunity to ask your current customer who else might benefit from what it is you’re selling”

    As an inside sales rep, success is going to come directly from determination. These are some ideas that you can add to your routine that can drive a resolution to be successful. A resolution doesn’t necessarily mean giving something up. Challenge yourself to add tactics to your routine long term and you will be pleased with the results of your determination. Challenge yourself to add something to your resolution today.

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