Editorial Guidelines

  • IT Marketing World welcomes editorial contributions from all bona fide IT marketing professionals and industry experts.  Following are guidelines for contributing content to this site and affiliated publications:

    Editorial Focus

    Editors of IT Marketing World are relentlessly committed to improving the skills and careers of IT marketing professionals by delivering actionable, data-driven content that examines industry best practices, case studies and strategic insights relevant to members’ specific job functions and technology focus.  The Senior Advisory Committee monitors the site to ensure content maintains the integrity of our editorial focus.

    Content Types

    Blogs – A team of dedicated bloggers provide valuable insights on a broad spectrum of topics aligned with strategic  job functions, technologies and channels.  Industry experts submit blog entries of 400 words plus photos or graphics while older posts move to the archive.  To recommend an industry expert or submit a blog for IT Marketing World, send an email to content@itmarketingworld.com.              

    Case Studies – IT marketing professionals share their successes and failures in the form case studies to help educate their peers.  Case studies are generally 400 words, and appear category page(s) most appropriate to the topic.  Submissions must include the company name, marketing objective(s), program details and results along with photos and/or graphics.  To submit a case study, send an email to content@itmarketingworld.com.         

    Articles – IT Marketing Worlds draws from many sources for articles including trade publications, networking sites, associations, analysts, consultants, service providers and other industry experts.  Articles are either original works, reprinted by permission or links to the source.  In addition to member submissions, we invite qualified IT marketing service providers to submit articles of interest.  Submit articles to content@itmarketingworld.com.

    Comments, Discussions, Surveys, Promotions – All members (registered IT marketing professionals) can participate in all interactive features on the site.  The editors strongly encourage your participation in article comments, peer discussions, instant surveys, site promotions and job boards to aid your professional growth and improve your web presence.  The editors have the discretion to remove comments, delete discussion posts or revoke membership based on:  a) inappropriate, hostile or profane posts, b) spam or c) unqualified participation.  Please participate responsibly.

    Style & Format

    • Length for blogs, case studies and articles should be approximately 400 words
    • Include a headline, date, sources and author along with any related charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs or illustrations
    • Content must:
      • Be relevant to IT marketing professionals
      • Address industry standards, best practices and/or strategy
      • Include data such as program metrics and research results 
      • Align with a specific IT marketing job functions, technology focus or sales channel
      • Meet basic journalistic standards of accuracy with appropriate attributions
    • Content may NOT promote the products or services of authors in either appearance or substance

    Exclusivity and Copyright

    All editorial contributions submitted to IT Marketing World must be either: a) original unpublished works or b) accompanied by the author’s written permission to republish along with a list other sites or publications where each work has or will appear.  Unless otherwise agreed, submission of original content for publication by IT Marketing World signifies the author’s agreement to assign copyright or grant a license to IT Marketing World.

    Revisions & Corrections

    All contributions are subject to editing for space, clarity and conformity with IT Marketing World’s style and format.  The editors reserve the right to correct all factual errors

    Editorial Submissions

    Submit all editorial content and artwork via email to content@itmarketingworld.com.  Submissions are published at IT Marketing World’s discretion.  Editors will review all contributions and accept, return to the author for revision, or reject the article. All published submissions may appear on the IT Marketing World web site as well as in affiliated newsletters, social media sites and affiliated partner publications.