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    Welcome to IT Marketing World! 

    IT Marketing World is an online community made up of the best and brightest information technology (IT) marketing professionals who are committed to establishing and refining industry best practices. 

    Why IT Marketing World?

    Although nearly every other industry relies on information technology to drive growth and innovation, IT marketing standards have woefully lagged behind due to ill-defined, inefficient and ad hoc practices.  One example is the terribly inefficient transition from old media to social media, highlighting the lack of structure driving IT marketing best practices.   IT Marketing World fills the void between tech-heavy IT trade publications and general B2B marketing resources while leveraging the outstanding content and discussions available on blogs, LinkedIn Group discussions, Twitter posts and marketing sites in order to deliver actionable data for members.

    How is the Community Organized?

    Community members use the interactive features on the site to provide data-driven content, comments, survey insights and resource referrals based on their respective job functions, technology focus and sales channels.  From this data stream, advisory committee leaders develop best practice models for review and implementation by members, providing continuously improved and actionable industry standards.  The site also hosts a job board and a referral-based directory of marketing services, among other valuable features.

    How Do Members Benefit from the Community?

    In addition to being the definitive source for data-driven, actionable IT marketing best practices, IT Marketing World offers many benefits to members:

    • Read timely, searchable content relevant to your specific job function, technology and market
    • Take real-time surveys on hot topics to see where you stand relative to your peers
    • Find the highest-rated bloggers, LinkedIn Groups and key sites on the Resources page
    • Use the  job boards in each functional area to search for a position or post a job
    • Search the directory to locate 5-star member-recommended IT marketing service providers
    • Join a discussion in our companion LinkedIn Group, IT Marketing World
    • Follow your IT Marketing Community community on Twitter
    • Step up and become a category Advisory Committee Member, using your subject matter expertise to drive best practices for the community while elevating your standing in the industry
    • Submit your own expert content to help your peers and expand your web footprint…

    =>Case Studies:  What worked for you?

    =>Articles:  IT marketing news & features

    =>Blogs:  Expert industry insights

    =>Article Comments:  Your opinion matters

    =>Timely Topics:  Which subjects should we cover?

    =>Vendor Referrals:  Share the service providers who help make you successful

    How Do Vendors Participate?

    Marketing service providers (vendors) serve as vital partners in the IT Marketing World community providing credible insights and vital services for members.  Vendors are invited to provide content that adhere to the community’s Editorial Guidelines and participate in the directory and online ads.  To ensure the integrity of the site and minimize spam, vendors MUST be recommended by a member and register as a vendor; vendors may NOT participate in the site’s interactive features.  The Vendor page explains more about opportunities for marketing service providers.  

    Who Manages the Community?

    Like most social media sites, community members (registered IT marketing professionals) “run” the community by providing data-driven content and participating in the site’s interactive features.  Advisory Committee Members with subject-matter expertise work with members on topics, content submissions and best practice evaluations for each category.  A Senior Advisory Committee made up of leading industry experts selects category advisors from member nominations and monitors the community’s overall content and operations.

    Who Founded IT Marketing World?

    Two Senior Advisory Committee members, Jim Novy and Frank Berry, developed the concept for IT Marketing World while collaborating on a model to measure IT marketing effectiveness.  With their combined 50+ years experience in technology marketing, Novy and Berry determined the best way to identify, validate and benchmark IT marketing best practices was to create a central clearinghouse and vetting process for the tremendous volume of valuable IT marketing data found in industry blogs, company web sites, online discussion groups and other resources.  The founders developed a site and subsequent ecosystem that would leverage social media techniques to develop IT best practice models for members to share and refine.  They launched IT Marketing World in January 2011.

    Send inquiries to info@itmarketingworld.com.